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A list of everything I ate in Ohio, or "Why I would be dead if I still lived in the Midwest"

Starting with our arrival on the evening of Saturday, Dec. 22 and going through our departure on Wednesday, Dec. 26:

1. Wendy's Crispy Chicken Sandwich

2. Cheryl's-brand brownie and cookie

3. Homemade nut roll

4. Breakfast egg and bacon casserole

5. Fresh fruit*

6. Bonbonerie Christmas cookies

7. Two Skyline cheese coneys with onions and mustard

8. Cheese fries

9. Oyster crackers and hot sauce

10. Graeter's ice cream

11. More nut roll

12. Busken Bakery creme-filled donut

13. Candy

14. Caramel and chocolate cheeseball

15. Chocolate graham crackers

16. Shrimp and cocktail sauce

17. Cheesy artichoke dip

18. Caramel and chocolate popcorn

19. Chocolate truffles

20. Corn and black bean salsa dip (cream cheese base, corn and black bean salsa on top of that, cheese on top of that)

21. Various chips and crackers

22. Honey-baked ham

23. Cheesy bread-crumb-topped potatoes

24. Several pieces of schnecken

25. More Christmas cookies

26. More candy

27. Turkey and gravy

28. Stuffing and gravy

29. Mashed potatoes and gravy

30. Green beans

31. Seconds on 27-29

32. Christmas cookies made by my aunt

33. The last of the nut roll

34. More candy

35. More Christmas cookies

36. Buttery, creamy scrambled eggs

37. Bacon

38. Leftover turkey sandwich on a potato roll

A gif from the Jim Carrey Grinch movie where his face is being stuffed with food
Actual video of me in Cincinnati over Christmas

What I ate upon my arrival back in Washington, D.C.:

1. Salad

*How did that sneak in there?

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