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What does it feel like?

For just one day of my life, I wish I could walk through the world as a truly beautiful woman.

I wish when I smiled it didn't show my crooked teeth, a snaggle tooth on the right and two gigantic, isosceles-trapezoid-shaped incisors in the front. I wish my smile wasn't uneven. I wish I could be photographed from both the right and the left side of my face and it didn't matter. I wish smiling didn't show my double chin. I wish I didn't have dark circles under my eyes. I wish I didn't have crow's feet and forehead wrinkles. I wish my skin didn't look essentially gray.

I wish I didn't have to wear body shaping undergarments. I wish my stomach didn't have rolls. I wish I weren't a size 14. I wish I didn't have to work out so hard to maintain this body that I don't even like.

I wish I didn't worry about people seeing any of the flaws listed above. I wish I didn't worry about my husband loving me less because of them, because they've gotten worse since we got married.

I just wish I knew what it felt like to be pretty, just for one day of my life. And when people say to me stuff like "Oh, what are you talking about, you are pretty" in response to be voicing any of this out loud, I wish it wasn't so obvious that they're lying through their teeth.

Their straight teeth.

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